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Welcome to Wicked Ink Tattoo Company. We are a Neenah, Wisconsin based custom tattoo studio and gallery. Our goal at Wicked Ink is to provide you with top notch custom tattoo work, in a super clean and friendly environment, at a great price. We are a small studio with 3 creative minds working under one roof. The personal environment allows us to work with each client individually and create one of a kind pieces no matter the size. Our crew is the best around and can handle any job big or small, just bring us your ideas and we can work together to create a tattoo that will suit your needs. Stop in today and make your vision a reality!
To remain one of the top choices in the industry for your tattoo and piercing needs, we not only focus on our talents as artists, but also providing a clean and friendly environment. At Wicked Ink Tattoo Company we provide hospital grade sterilization and a vast knowledge on cross contamination and the prevention of spreading illnesses. Every member of our staff takes blood borne pathogens classes, and use the latest techniques, supplies, and equipment to ensure your experience with us is a safe one. Beyond being knowledgeable, and using only pre sterilized, single use needles, we also use ATS (autoclave testing service). This service tests our sterilization equipment monthly to make sure everything is operating properly. You can feel safe knowing that your time with us will be spent in the safest environment possible.
Of course we want you to come to us for your next tattoo, but above all we want you to be informed and educated. Take the time to check out our web site, or facebook. Stop in and see us, ask questions, and we will show you WHY we deserve your business. Too often do people just assume every artist is the same and go somewhere because it was "Cheap". Don't fall victim to these situations. If the guy down the street in his basement was so good, he'd be working in a shop, as a professional. If somebody is much cheaper then elsewhere, you will probably get what you pay for. Be smart, be informed, and be safe. - Jake, Dave, and Michelle
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